Thursday, July 14, 2011

In Which Adam Plans to Write a Comic and Other News

In recent news, my pal Eileen will be putting together a comic anthology of mythological stories, which I shall have an entry in! I think I will do an Anansi story of some kind...

For those who are interested and might like to make a submission of their own, check it out here: Expect further updates on this as I begin to put it together.

Update: The anthology project now has a tumblr page:

In unrelated news, this very blog was featured in this week's Boneyard Blog Carnival! You can look for it, and other blogs discussing paleontology here:

Many are quite neat. Some personal favorites of mine is Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs, where they often dissect classical paleo art, and this frankly rather touching letter that a blogger had received from a paleontologist at the meager age of 10.

And lastly, check for future Boneyard updates here: With any luck, I hope to be up there again in the future.

Update: I've just discovered that this Boneyard Blog Carnival will in fact be the last one. And now I am sad. I wonder if it might be possible to start up something similar?

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