Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which Adam Moviewatches: #1 You Are Umasou

Well, I have been on something of a paleontology kick lately, what with the that David Peters post and the fact that I have been working on a dinosaur themed children's book (likely more on this later.) I think I shall give my description of a thematically appropriate movie I saw not to long ago.

A movie that is, incidentally, the most singlehandedly cute thing I have ever seen.

The movie I speak of is "You Are Umasou." And it is glorious.

To specify a bit, "You Are Umasou" (おまえうまそうだな Omae Umasou da na, literally: You Are Delicious) is a 2010 Japanese animated film based on an earlier children's book by Tatsuya Miyanishi.
The style of the book is a bit different, you see.

Without spoiling too much, "You Are Umasou" tells the story of Heart, a Tyrannosaurus who (due to some unusual circumstances) has been adopted by a kindly Maiasaura. Though Heart's mother's decision has caused her to be exiled from the heard, the three of them (Her, Heart and her biological son Light) live a relatively happy life. However, Heart, previously thinking he's just simply an unusually shaped Maiasaura comes to realize that he is a meat eater.

Heart runs away to avoid potentially harming his adoptive family, though otherwise living as the other carnivorous do. Yet, circumstances conspire again, and Heart comes to adopt Umasou (Delicious, which is how Heart first describes him) and the whole cycle begins anew.

Now the first thing that stands out about this movie are the character designs. The dinosaurs in Umasou are very cartoonish, rounded, and sort of rubbery. Let's compare the character's with their respective species, shall we?
Heart and his brother Light
Their mom, with little Heart and Light
Now, Heart is a Tyrannosaurus, and Umasou is an Ankylosaurus.
And Light and his mother are Maiasaura
(Dino-art here courtesy of

Now, the designs are a little goofy at first, I will admit, but by gosh, are they effective. The production values of this movie are topnotch, and it shows, and the simplified designs allow the dinosaurs to movie very dynamically. When combined with the gorgeous background art of this movie, it all leads to a very charming and effective look that allows you to empathize with these dinosaurs.

And you will empathize, believe me. I was practically crying at points.

So overall, yes, this is a children's movie, but it is just so outright charming and heartwarming, that you really cannot help but enjoy it. And really, how can you not love a movie that feature's a T. rex performing karate.

Sadly, this movie is rather hard to find in the states, and the only copy of the book on amazon is sold out. Still, if you can find either, I would definitely give it my recommendation. I'll also be on the lookout for the book myself, and if I find it, I will likely give it a separate review. cute. *u*

Update! I have acquired a copy of the book! This is not too helpful if you are outside of the New York area, but the Manhattan Kinokunia is well stocked with copies of it.

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