Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Which Adam Goes to New York Comic Con

Ah, so last week I went to Comic Con! This is my fourth time attending, so it wasn't really anything I wasn't expecting. Still, it is a fun place to go to if you want to people-watch, or buy lots of strange merchandise, or look for people who might be in need of an illustrator.

Absolutely, horrifyingly crowded though. It gets to the point where it becomes mentally exhausting just to move around though. Twas completely, and utterly wiped out afterwards, which is why it took me so long to post these.

But anyways, on to the photodump!

I hate you, camera.

Giant Jake

Lego Master Chief


More Crowds

Lots of transformers stuff


Agh, me and my unsated Kamen Rider fascination

I...ended up getting this. Terrible.

These people seem suspiciously amused.

Dat head.

Cells from old cartoons. Just lovely.

Old comics.

The new Zelda game.

I got to play a demo of it.

I pity da foo' who don't respect his mama!


Oh hey, it's Rob Liefeld

Yes, this is a guy in a suit.

Lots of assassins.


He's going to California.

Totally innocent, I assure you.

I have a fondness for weird toys.


...I spent way too much time at the Bandai booth.

3D printer


...and Zoidburg.


Haruko and Naota.

Master Roshi.

I got to meet Geof Darrow.

Longcat is indeed long.

The Scarlet Spider is unable to get good phone reception.

Neither is Spider-Ham.

Obligatory steampunk Darth Vader.
...I did not even know this was published.

Dancing assassins.

Dat 'stache.

This seems ironic.

And there you go! Like I said, it was unbelievably tiring, but I had a great deal of fun, and will likely go again next year. Feel free to come up and say hi at the next one.

Adam out.


Always nice to hear what you have to say. =]